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Wuxi Rigas Fluid Dynamic Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional hydraulic equipment manufacturer that originated in Wuxi, China in 1992.

We were ISO certified dated from 2004 and we keep improving our overall management system by applying to ISO system.

With the support and trust from our customers like BAO Steel, MCC, Shagang Group etc., we are growing continuously. We have variety of related equipments for process needs.

Strong and professinal technical team is one of our significant advantages to serve our customers in different levels. We are a innovative solution company for customers by supplying the whole hydraulic equipment with or without customer design. Technical support to our customers is our another characteristic, we helped our customers maintain, check and replace defected parts of the whole hydraulic equipment periodically.

An mature teammates training program had been implemented in our company. 6S managment and audit are always part of our daily work of every teammate.

Wuxi Rigas Fluid Dynamic Science & Technology Co., Ltd will at your service and willing to grow together with our sincere customers.Yi xing hydraulics was originally established in 1992 to produce some of hydraulics cylinders ,and then some hydraulic systems, hydraulic presses.

Today, the company is trusted by contractors and equipment service providers to manufacture.Install,repair and replace parts for a wide range of large hydeaulic equipment,industrial equipment and heavy duty equipment.

Our chief engineer is a professor of Iron and steel Design Institate. Our technical team offer highly innovative solutions that address a variety of complex challenges by using industry expertise and rechnical knowledge.

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Company: Wuxi Rigas Fluid Dynamic Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Add: No.22, Xinfeng Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.